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Well Reggie Bush, for the 1st time in years, has done the smart thing. He has given back his Heisman Trophy and the trust has accepted. Now, once the NCAA rejects USC’s appeal for a reduction, all parties can focus on other things. USC now must “Move On” from instead of “Fight On” the NCAA, naysayers, agents, media, etc. The next 2 years should be about substance and not style, all while showing everyone how to deal with adversity. The best thing for Lane is to win and keep quiet. The best thing for Pat is to not hear from Indianapolis. Finally, the best thing for USC is for all of us, 2 years from now, to say is that they are back and will be relevant.


Wildcard weekend in the NFL is over and while all 4 games were not decided until the 4th quarter, the game of the weekend was Jacksonville/Pittsburgh. The jags stormed out to 28-7 lead, only to watch the Steelers come back & take a 1 point lead late in the 4th quarter. The problem was Steelers head coach Omar Epps, I mean Mike Tomlin decided to twice go for 2 instead of taking the extra point, therefore allowing the Jag’s Josh Scobee to win the game, instead of tie it. While I like the 2 point conversion rule, head coaches do not know how to use it. It is pretty simple. Don’t look at the chart until the last 5 minutes of the 4th quarter, and only of you are behind by 8 or by MORE than14 points. Even Dr. Foreman from House would know that.



Overrated Overrated

Overrated Overrated

Overrated Overrated

Overrated Overrated

Overrated Born Overrated Bred

And when they die, they’ll be Overrated Dead.

Bob Stoops is a great coach, I mean he has won nearly 100 football games, however, 4 straight BCS losses & now people are starting to forget that 2000 BCS Title. Memo to Oakie Bob, whatever it is you have been doing the last 4 BCS games, stop doing it. Just like the Atlanta Braves, even though they won 1 title, everyone knows their playoff history from 1991-2005. The Late Bo Schembechler thinks this is ridiculous.



Word has come down that up to 25 Florida State Seminoles will be suspended for the “who gives a crap bowl game” in Nashville. These kids apparently cheated during an online exam. If this is true, then they deserve to be suspended. As a former Division I athlete , I feel it’s only fair to those who do things the right way, to punish those who don’t. Look, regardless of what anyone says, these are still kids & they do make mistakes, so let’s not go too overboard, especially if this was just a one time incident. However, they do deserve to be suspended though for at least 1 game & maybe next season’s opener. (if applicable) That being said, FSU has a big problem on their hands overall. Their academic credibility has come into question, (not like it hasn’t before) and there will probably be sweeping changes in their Academic Services for Student-Athletics Department. Right now though, they need to worry less about their bowl game & worry more about their Athletic Department. All I can to say to FSU is Dag Gummit.

PS: When Brent Musberger quipped a few years back that 10,000 red-blooded males just signed up to go the Florida State after a shot of Co-Ed Jenn Sterger appeared, we all knew that academics was never going to be what FSU was about, then again are they at most Div I schools?



In the modern era, only 1 NFL team has managed to go win-less (unless you count the 1982 Colts which went 0-8-1 in the strike year) & that was the 1976 expansion Tampa BayBucs. As a matter of fact, they nearly went win-less in their 1st 2 seasons, losing all 14 in 1976 & thier first 12 in 1977. (They went on to beat the Saints & Cards in successive weeks) Since the advent of the 16 game schedule in 1978, no team has gone win-less. A few teams have come close, most recent the 2001 lions. They lost their 1st 12, before beating the Vikings. However, I thought, this would be the year that 0-16 would happen, and low & behold, guess who was in the running? The Dolphins! The only Franchise in the modern era to go undefeated, could have also had the distinction of being the only franchise to go 0-16.

But, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, the crash & burn Ravens , blew it! In overtime no less. They lined up to kick the game winner & Stover missed. Next play, touchdown Miami! Way to go B-More! Way to F*ck things up for the rest of us. Well, maybe next year, the Jets can do the impossible. In the meantime, all we can do is hope. Oh, and one last note B-More, just go ahead & clip Billick now. It is the least you can do at this point. Thanks for nothing.


Yankees Pitcher, Andy Pettitte, today admitted taking HGH for 2 days to help recover from a 2002 elbow injury. While I don’t condone his use of the product, he was able to at least save some face by coming clean. However, I am a bit skeptical over the fact that he says he only used for it 2 days. Now you are giving the media & fans something to question. In this case, it probably would have been better served for you to be a little more vague with just how long you used HGH. 2 days Andy? Yeah right, and Bill Clinton didn’t inhale. No one wants to hear, “I did it, but…” or ” I only used for X umber of days.” Just admit that you used it after an injury and move on. Limited props on coming clean, but just leave it that. The only thing that you have tried for 2 days, is how to spin you HGH use, and right now, it seems like you needed more time than that.



Well the list of those who purchased and/or used steroids is out. The biggest name, not already associated with BALCO is Roger Clemens. Although, looking back on it now, it makes perfect sense. Bigger body mass with increasing age, along with an increase in performance, to a level not seen in 10 years. Look, MLB now has the task of trying to “put lipstick on this pig”, but it’s not going to do any good. Admit fault & move on. The only good thing, is that as fans, we now know who to boo at the ballpark. Remember folks, this is just a partial list. There could and are more out there, who obtained the “roids” form other sources not named on the Mitchell report. While MLB cannot retroactively punish these players, the media & maybe the government can. Is Clemens a hall of famer now? What about Pettitte? I guess we will know in 5-6 years

For a full list of the cheats, copy the link below:

mlb_mitchell1.jpg dodger-stadium.jpg


According to numrous sources, including ESPN, at 11 a.m. PST tomorrow, Former Senate Majority leader & current Red Sox dirctor George Mitchell report on steroid use in baseball will be released. The only thing anyone really cares about are the names of those on the list, and no I am not taking about Santa’s list or the “Andruw Jones thank you card list” to the members of Dodger management, I’m taking about the list of those who have been associated with steroids. While, Major league Baseball cannot do much more to those who are on the list other than scratch them from the next overblown MLB all start weekend event, The fans & the media can & will have a field day (no pun intended) with those current & former players. While, most of us expect to see the names of Bonds, Palmiero, Giambi & Canseco, what we are really waiting to see are the names of those who have not previously been associated with the “cream” and the”clear”. Granted, there will be no winners tomorrow, only the truth, however, at least MLB & the fans can move on from an era where the players, owners & management turned a blind eye to cheating (and yes, disobeying federal laws to gain an advantage is cheating) in order to turn a buck. Baseball will survive, but for the first time, it’s statistical history may not.



Billy Ocean once sang, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. Well, according to ESPN, Bobby Petrino is singing a new song, titled “When the going gets tough, Quit!” Sources told the worldwide leader that Petrino is quitting his job with the Atlanta Falcons, less than one year in. ESPN is also reporting that he will take the same position at the University of Arkansas. So let me get this straight, just because weeks after you take this job, your best player goes G’tmo on Rin Tin Tin & Lassie is an excuse to quit. Just because you “embarrassed” your best defensive player during a game is a reason to quit. Just because you cut one of your team’s more popular players for hanging out at Burger King a little to much is reason to quit.C’mon Bobby, these are just speed bumps (Sincerely, Isiah Thomas) Then Again, maybe these are reasons to quit. You know what Bobby, you are exactly right! When the going gets tough, quit. When life hands you a lemon, quit. It’s not the size of the Dog in the fight…..ok, bad pun. In any event, it seems pretty obvious, that, with faced with 4th down & a country mile, Petrino punted. Isiah, are you paying attention?

Good Luck in The SEC Bobby, and I just have one thing left to say, “SOO-EEEE”

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