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How would Jim Healy address this Dodger Bankruptcy

With the Dodgers filling for bankruptcy today, I began to wonder how the late Jim Healy would have done his show on a day like this. Well, here’s my opinion of what it would have sounded like…

Dateline Los Angeles

Today in Federal Bankruptcy court, Dodger owner Frank McCourt and the dodgers officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and is trying to secure loans to meet payroll and prevent a takeover from Major League Baseball.

How do you feel about that guys?

Dick: That’s chicken $h&&

I agree Dick, Tommy did you have a hand in this?

Tommy: It ain’t my fault, Campanis is the effing guy.

Come on Tommy, he no longer with us.

Howard Cossell: Who Goofed?

I think McCourt did Howard.

Vinny: I can’t believe it?

Neither can I Vinny.

Ant the real victims are the dodger fans.

Benoit: I don’t give a $&*^ about the fans.

And neither does McCourt Benoit. His treatment of the dodgers has been awful and his performance…well I know what I think. you guys?

Tommy: I think it was F*%#^ B*$%*t

Well Tommy, that was a little harsh

Tommy: Shut the #%^$ up

Alright Tommy, You’re outta here.

So now, we wait to see what happens in court tomorrow morning

Lawrence: a wunnerfull, a wunnerful

We shall see Lawrence, we shall see.

meanwhile this team is 9 1/2 games back entering today’s action

Charles: Bad effing team man.

You said it, Chuckster.

It’s hard for me to watch this team and this game

Tommy: Baseball is fun.

Tommy I threw you out of this already.

Myron: what’s going on?

I’m trying to do a show.

Tommy: This effing job ain’t that easy.

Howard: It’s only radio, it’s so simple.

Okay Tommy, for once you are right, and you can come back in and Howard do you have anything else to say?

Howard: Jim Healy, You have a weak show

Stick around Howard, you may like it

Howard: I have to get out.

Alright, Howard, bye! This is just insane

Bob: Look it’s wacky business.

Absolutely Bob.

Alright guys I think it’s time to go.

Chick: I’ve got to get off the air.

Okay Chick.

Jerome: Let’s go fellas

You said Jerome,and That’s the sports picture

Jim Healy Goodnight


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