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A Non-Sports Post For Once…

I don’t blog very often and when I do, its sports related. I get all excited about blogging, then I’m over it after a few days, but I digress. I’ve been having some thoughts recently after 3 co-workers/friends have left their posts to explore other options in their life. These folks are all in their 20’s and it got me thinking what would I be doing if I had decided to do something different 7 or 8 years ago. What would I have done? Would I have dared myself to leave L.A. like one person is? Would I have gone back to school? I haven’t dwelled over it, but at 34 now, I know that it would be harder to do, especially given the economy. I do wonder though what and where I will be 10 years from now. I’m sure I’ll won’t be married, but will I be with someone? Who will be around? Who will be my friends? Just random thoughts.

I want to end this blog with a thought from an “Indie” flick I saw on cable last night, called “TiMER” where a device that you rent monthly will tell you to the moment of when you meet your “true love” thus ending the need for dating, May-December romances, etc. I was wondering just how odd that would be if it were real. Would there be more friend w/benefit relationships to satisfy carnal desires or not? dating sites would go bust and what would Maury talk about. Just food for thought. Anyway, we shall see what tomorrow brings.



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