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The Hypocrites in Indianapolis

The NCAA is at it again.  These guys must use a magic-8 ball when deciding who to punish and for how long. Ohio State Football coach & sweater vest aficionado, Jim Tressel, recently admitted that he knew about his  players committing violations long before reporting it to the NCAA because, he was worried that his players might have been caught up in a federal investigation. What a bunch of crap!  You just didn’t want to lose games because these 5 guys were guilty of receiving benefits in exchange for memorabilia, autographs and jerseys.

So what does the NCAA do about all this, 1st they punish the 5 players for 5 games, but the punishment starts after the bowl game, because after all, they don’t want to anger their sponsors. Then, coach Tressel gets suspended for only 2 games? The NCAA should have started the punishment for the kids before the bowl game & suspended Tressel for the same 5 games  tha his kids were suspended for, basically, withholding the truth.

It’s time to hold coaches like Tressel & Jim Calipari even more accountable than the kids. They did it with Bruce Pearl, but not with Tressel.  It’s also time to punish schools like Auburn & Ohio State with the same authority like they did with USC & Miami.

The NCAA will never admit it’s biased against certain conferences or schools, so the courts should do it for us. Let’s tear it down & start a new organization. It can sanction bowl games, create a true playoff, all the while, looking out for the well being of  all Student Athletes instead of those fat cats in Indianapolis, Park Ridge & Birmingham.


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