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When the going gets tough, the not so-though quit!

So what when wrong for the Dodgers this year? James Loney has a take and he told The LA Times Dodger Beat Writer, Dylan Hernandez about it.


While he did not specifically say it was Torre’s fault, he seemed to have hinted that Torre mailed the season in when he said that this team, “At times, teams played harder than us.”   Loney is basically saying this team-lacked motivation, which is the manager’s responsibility.

This is not a shocking revelation for anyone who has watched Dodger baseball this year. Given the fact that the ownership question is up in the air, GM Ned Colletti’s hands were tied as far as the moves he could make. Sensing this, Torre quit about 2 months in, as did many of his players.

 What does this all mean? It means that the Dodgers should have hired Wallach instead of Mattingly, because If these players did not respond to coaches on the bench, why retain them? This also means that it’s time for the Dodgers to overhaul the roster.

This team has been shut-out a league leading 17 times this year, so they need better bats at 3rd, 2nd, Left field & Catcher. Rafael Furcal is always hurt, so replacing him might be an option. Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier need to take more of a leadership role on this team too, and they may be gone as well, because their stats did not improve from a year ago. The same can be said about Loney, who needs to hit for a higher average if he only intends to hit 10-12 homers a year.

So while Loney might be right about the team’s lack of desire or motivation, he, as well as the rest of the team, need to take responsibility for their efforts, or lack their of.

 Good luck to them in ’11 although we should not expect it.


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