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Memo to Eagles fans……..


Lately, some Eagles fans are starting to panic over their team. This is nothing coming from them, but I do have message for Eagles fans, as Frankie Goes to Hollywood once said, “Relax”! Andy Reid usually knows what he is doing. When he traded Donavan McNabb last year, he did what he always has done & that is trade or release a player one year too soon, than one year too late. He sacrificed this season for future seasons of possible deep playoff runs. Keeping that thought process in mind, he is starting Michael Vick this weekend for three reasons. 


  1. Michel Vick has the hot hand right nowHe is increasing
  2. Vick’s trade value.
  3.  He is playing Jacksonville.


 Why do you think, Reid has refused trade offers for Kolb? Kolb is his guy long-tem, but if Reid can increase Vick’s trade value, why not play him? Reid has already treated this year as a transition year and he has the support of ownership, so one season of 7-9 wins is not going to get him fired.


Give Reid another draft, (which may include an extra Pick if he can showcase & trade Vick) and free agency, and you will see that in 2011 the Eagles will be back to their customary 11 win season.


You heard it hear first and this is coming from Raider fan!


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