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So Now comes word that Larry Silverstein, the lawyer who drafted the postnuptial agreement between Frank & Jaime McCourt, altered the agreement in 2004 after it was signed and he did not alert Jaime about the fact the change apparently gave sole ownership to the Dodgers to Frank. This comes the day after Jaime testified that she did not read the updated agreement. How could Jaime not ask to read the agreement herself, after all she is a lawyer. It’s pretty obvious that she is clueless.

 While this trial to decide whom actually “owns” the dodgers is far from over, I believe two things can be deciphered so far.

 First, Jaime McCourt wanted to reap the rewards of being a “co-owner” with out actually knowing that she wasn’t and second, Frank McCourt wanted to reap the rewards of being an “owner” with out actually caring to be one.

 Of course the loser in all this are the Dodger fans. They are the victims in this game that goes all they way back to when The McCourts were authorized to purchase the club from Bud Selig, who did not want the Dodgers to have a successful ownership group, like the Yankees or Red Sox because it would be less competition that his ex team, The Brewers, would have.

Stay Tuned……


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