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“Little Giants” highlight the football weekend

So this weekend produced some of the most exciting football games in a while. Granted, it was only week 2 in the NFL & week 3 in college football, but there were about 7 or 8 games this weekend that were not decided until the closing minutes of the game or in overtime.

 While the Clemson-Auburn may have been the best-played game of the weekend, the finish of the weekend occurred in the Notre Dame-Michigan State game. In case you missed it because you were lame or otherwise in-disposed of, the game went into overtime and the Golden Domers took a 3-point lead on a field goal. Needing a tie to send it into a second overtime, the Spartans lined up for a field goal attempt in excess of over 40 yards.  At the snap, the Spartans ran a fake field goal play, called “Little Giants”, which was executed to perfection and resulted in a touchdown!  Game over! One of the gutsiest calls ever made in a game. (see video link below)

 Credit to Michigan  State head coach, Mark Dantonio who actually suffered a mild heart attack after the game. (see link below)


This is what football is all about. Hey NFL, are you paying attention?


One Response to ““Little Giants” highlight the football weekend”

  1. Fantastic finish. ND falls to 1-2. Brian Kelly has a losing record? I am stunned. That guy has an impecable track record. And MSU seems to be on their way to 8 wins.

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