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The NFL stands for No Fan Loyalty

It appears as if this weekend the san Diego Chargers are going to have their home game blacked out on local TV. Now, before you go screaming that the fans in San Diego are not loyal, you have to remember a few things.

  1. The economy is still struggling to recover from this recession.
  2. Unemployment in California is the 3rd highest in tha nation behind Nevada & Michigan.  Unemployment Rates, seasonally adjusted
  3. While ticket prices have not gone up for 2010, in 2009, the avg. ticket price was $81, putting then in the top $10 most expensive prices. 2010 NFL Ticket Price Guide
  4. Finally, Charger management (once again) is playing hardball with 2 of its top 5 players resulting in a hold out by both players that have irked fans to  drop their “financial” support of the team.

Now that we have that covered, the NFL has to fix the problem, because it’s their product.  I have 3 solutions that could fix the issue.

  1. If a blackout is imminent, sell the game on the NFL ticket to blacked-out audience members @19.95 a game. Okay, only DirecTV subscribers win here, but at least it’s an option.
  2. The NFL should allow up 10,000 extra tickets be released to charitable organizations. The teams can use it as a tax write-off, recruit new fans & the NFL can use these tickets to help lift the blackout.
  3. Finally, The NFL could offer an annual Mulligan to a team to use for any home game once a season in exchange for forfeiting 1/4 the revenue for ticket sales for that day.

It’s time for Roger Goodell to wake up a realize that the fans need some sort of “bailout”  just like the banks, unless he likes see empty stadiums.


3 Responses to “The NFL stands for No Fan Loyalty”

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