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FSU-From Free Shoes U. to Fake Scores U.

Word has come down that up to 25 Florida State Seminoles will be suspended for the “who gives a crap bowl game” in Nashville. These kids apparently cheated during an online exam. If this is true, then they deserve to be suspended. As a former Division I athlete , I feel it’s only fair to those who do things the right way, to punish those who don’t. Look, regardless of what anyone says, these are still kids & they do make mistakes, so let’s not go too overboard, especially if this was just a one time incident. However, they do deserve to be suspended though for at least 1 game & maybe next season’s opener. (if applicable) That being said, FSU has a big problem on their hands overall. Their academic credibility has come into question, (not like it hasn’t before) and there will probably be sweeping changes in their Academic Services for Student-Athletics Department. Right now though, they need to worry less about their bowl game & worry more about their Athletic Department. All I can to say to FSU is Dag Gummit.

PS: When Brent Musberger quipped a few years back that 10,000 red-blooded males just signed up to go the Florida State after a shot of Co-Ed Jenn Sterger appeared, we all knew that academics was never going to be what FSU was about, then again are they at most Div I schools?


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