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Pettitte Admits Using HGH

Yankees Pitcher, Andy Pettitte, today admitted taking HGH for 2 days to help recover from a 2002 elbow injury. While I don’t condone his use of the product, he was able to at least save some face by coming clean. However, I am a bit skeptical over the fact that he says he only used for it 2 days. Now you are giving the media & fans something to question. In this case, it probably would have been better served for you to be a little more vague with just how long you used HGH. 2 days Andy? Yeah right, and Bill Clinton didn’t inhale. No one wants to hear, “I did it, but…” or ” I only used for X umber of days.” Just admit that you used it after an injury and move on. Limited props on coming clean, but just leave it that. The only thing that you have tried for 2 days, is how to spin you HGH use, and right now, it seems like you needed more time than that.



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