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Yeah, I knew F.P. Santangelo was on the “juice”…

Well the list of those who purchased and/or used steroids is out. The biggest name, not already associated with BALCO is Roger Clemens. Although, looking back on it now, it makes perfect sense. Bigger body mass with increasing age, along with an increase in performance, to a level not seen in 10 years. Look, MLB now has the task of trying to “put lipstick on this pig”, but it’s not going to do any good. Admit fault & move on. The only good thing, is that as fans, we now know who to boo at the ballpark. Remember folks, this is just a partial list. There could and are more out there, who obtained the “roids” form other sources not named on the Mitchell report. While MLB cannot retroactively punish these players, the media & maybe the government can. Is Clemens a hall of famer now? What about Pettitte? I guess we will know in 5-6 years

For a full list of the cheats, copy the link below:

mlb_mitchell1.jpg dodger-stadium.jpg


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