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When the going gets tough, Quit!

Billy Ocean once sang, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. Well, according to ESPN, Bobby Petrino is singing a new song, titled “When the going gets tough, Quit!” Sources told the worldwide leader that Petrino is quitting his job with the Atlanta Falcons, less than one year in. ESPN is also reporting that he will take the same position at the University of Arkansas. So let me get this straight, just because weeks after you take this job, your best player goes G’tmo on Rin Tin Tin & Lassie is an excuse to quit. Just because you “embarrassed” your best defensive player during a game is a reason to quit. Just because you cut one of your team’s more popular players for hanging out at Burger King a little to much is reason to quit.C’mon Bobby, these are just speed bumps (Sincerely, Isiah Thomas) Then Again, maybe these are reasons to quit. You know what Bobby, you are exactly right! When the going gets tough, quit. When life hands you a lemon, quit. It’s not the size of the Dog in the fight…..ok, bad pun. In any event, it seems pretty obvious, that, with faced with 4th down & a country mile, Petrino punted. Isiah, are you paying attention?

Good Luck in The SEC Bobby, and I just have one thing left to say, “SOO-EEEE”

Don’t take my word for it:


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