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Adrian Gonzalez’s two home-run game tonight against the Phillies is his first multi home-run game since July 17th of last season.

From the what have you done for me lately department, Chase Utley went 0-5 tonight after his sparkling return to Philadelphia last night.

The Giants are a Major League-worst  9-21 since the All-Star break. If they continue on this pace for the rest of the season, they would not reach .500

Now not that I am advocating this, but if the now fired Chicago Cubs DJ wanted to make a statement, without making a mockery, he should have been more subtle and played Run For Your Life, by The Beatles.

Unless the Angels go 31-11 in their final 40 games, this will be the first time in Mike Scioscia’s managerial career that he will have consecutive losing seasons. That’s impressive, although it may not matter for him.

A quick note on Vin Scully, he was voted as the Ford C. Frick winner and inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1982, his 33rd season. He has broadcasted 34 seasons since. Imagine getting into the Hall of Fame at the halfway point into your career.


Maricopa County is looking to sell Chase Field. Derrick Hall is probably hoping that it can include Zack Greinke.

I think it might be time to call Byron Buxton a bust. Three consecutive seasons as a Top-3 prospect and so far he has yet to hit above the Mendoza line in the bigs.


Speaking of Mendoza, he hit a Brett like .245 in 1980. (Ken Brett that is)

Final note, in the second longest game in franchise history, the Cubs lose to the Dodgers, 2-1. The Wrigley Field contest, which is played over two days, takes a Dusty Baker sacrifice fly and 21 innings to complete.








With the Dodgers filling for bankruptcy today, I began to wonder how the late Jim Healy would have done his show on a day like this. Well, here’s my opinion of what it would have sounded like…

Dateline Los Angeles

Today in Federal Bankruptcy court, Dodger owner Frank McCourt and the dodgers officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and is trying to secure loans to meet payroll and prevent a takeover from Major League Baseball.

How do you feel about that guys?

Dick: That’s chicken $h&&

I agree Dick, Tommy did you have a hand in this?

Tommy: It ain’t my fault, Campanis is the effing guy.

Come on Tommy, he no longer with us.

Howard Cossell: Who Goofed?

I think McCourt did Howard.

Vinny: I can’t believe it?

Neither can I Vinny.

Ant the real victims are the dodger fans.

Benoit: I don’t give a $&*^ about the fans.

And neither does McCourt Benoit. His treatment of the dodgers has been awful and his performance…well I know what I think. you guys?

Tommy: I think it was F*%#^ B*$%*t

Well Tommy, that was a little harsh

Tommy: Shut the #%^$ up

Alright Tommy, You’re outta here.

So now, we wait to see what happens in court tomorrow morning

Lawrence: a wunnerfull, a wunnerful

We shall see Lawrence, we shall see.

meanwhile this team is 9 1/2 games back entering today’s action

Charles: Bad effing team man.

You said it, Chuckster.

It’s hard for me to watch this team and this game

Tommy: Baseball is fun.

Tommy I threw you out of this already.

Myron: what’s going on?

I’m trying to do a show.

Tommy: This effing job ain’t that easy.

Howard: It’s only radio, it’s so simple.

Okay Tommy, for once you are right, and you can come back in and Howard do you have anything else to say?

Howard: Jim Healy, You have a weak show

Stick around Howard, you may like it

Howard: I have to get out.

Alright, Howard, bye! This is just insane

Bob: Look it’s wacky business.

Absolutely Bob.

Alright guys I think it’s time to go.

Chick: I’ve got to get off the air.

Okay Chick.

Jerome: Let’s go fellas

You said Jerome,and That’s the sports picture

Jim Healy Goodnight


I don’t blog very often and when I do, its sports related. I get all excited about blogging, then I’m over it after a few days, but I digress. I’ve been having some thoughts recently after 3 co-workers/friends have left their posts to explore other options in their life. These folks are all in their 20’s and it got me thinking what would I be doing if I had decided to do something different 7 or 8 years ago. What would I have done? Would I have dared myself to leave L.A. like one person is? Would I have gone back to school? I haven’t dwelled over it, but at 34 now, I know that it would be harder to do, especially given the economy. I do wonder though what and where I will be 10 years from now. I’m sure I’ll won’t be married, but will I be with someone? Who will be around? Who will be my friends? Just random thoughts.

I want to end this blog with a thought from an “Indie” flick I saw on cable last night, called “TiMER” where a device that you rent monthly will tell you to the moment of when you meet your “true love” thus ending the need for dating, May-December romances, etc. I was wondering just how odd that would be if it were real. Would there be more friend w/benefit relationships to satisfy carnal desires or not? dating sites would go bust and what would Maury talk about. Just food for thought. Anyway, we shall see what tomorrow brings.



The NCAA is at it again.  These guys must use a magic-8 ball when deciding who to punish and for how long. Ohio State Football coach & sweater vest aficionado, Jim Tressel, recently admitted that he knew about his  players committing violations long before reporting it to the NCAA because, he was worried that his players might have been caught up in a federal investigation. What a bunch of crap!  You just didn’t want to lose games because these 5 guys were guilty of receiving benefits in exchange for memorabilia, autographs and jerseys.

So what does the NCAA do about all this, 1st they punish the 5 players for 5 games, but the punishment starts after the bowl game, because after all, they don’t want to anger their sponsors. Then, coach Tressel gets suspended for only 2 games? The NCAA should have started the punishment for the kids before the bowl game & suspended Tressel for the same 5 games  tha his kids were suspended for, basically, withholding the truth.

It’s time to hold coaches like Tressel & Jim Calipari even more accountable than the kids. They did it with Bruce Pearl, but not with Tressel.  It’s also time to punish schools like Auburn & Ohio State with the same authority like they did with USC & Miami.

The NCAA will never admit it’s biased against certain conferences or schools, so the courts should do it for us. Let’s tear it down & start a new organization. It can sanction bowl games, create a true playoff, all the while, looking out for the well being of  all Student Athletes instead of those fat cats in Indianapolis, Park Ridge & Birmingham.


So what when wrong for the Dodgers this year? James Loney has a take and he told The LA Times Dodger Beat Writer, Dylan Hernandez about it.


While he did not specifically say it was Torre’s fault, he seemed to have hinted that Torre mailed the season in when he said that this team, “At times, teams played harder than us.”   Loney is basically saying this team-lacked motivation, which is the manager’s responsibility.

This is not a shocking revelation for anyone who has watched Dodger baseball this year. Given the fact that the ownership question is up in the air, GM Ned Colletti’s hands were tied as far as the moves he could make. Sensing this, Torre quit about 2 months in, as did many of his players.

 What does this all mean? It means that the Dodgers should have hired Wallach instead of Mattingly, because If these players did not respond to coaches on the bench, why retain them? This also means that it’s time for the Dodgers to overhaul the roster.

This team has been shut-out a league leading 17 times this year, so they need better bats at 3rd, 2nd, Left field & Catcher. Rafael Furcal is always hurt, so replacing him might be an option. Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier need to take more of a leadership role on this team too, and they may be gone as well, because their stats did not improve from a year ago. The same can be said about Loney, who needs to hit for a higher average if he only intends to hit 10-12 homers a year.

So while Loney might be right about the team’s lack of desire or motivation, he, as well as the rest of the team, need to take responsibility for their efforts, or lack their of.

 Good luck to them in ’11 although we should not expect it.



Lately, some Eagles fans are starting to panic over their team. This is nothing coming from them, but I do have message for Eagles fans, as Frankie Goes to Hollywood once said, “Relax”! Andy Reid usually knows what he is doing. When he traded Donavan McNabb last year, he did what he always has done & that is trade or release a player one year too soon, than one year too late. He sacrificed this season for future seasons of possible deep playoff runs. Keeping that thought process in mind, he is starting Michael Vick this weekend for three reasons. 


  1. Michel Vick has the hot hand right nowHe is increasing
  2. Vick’s trade value.
  3.  He is playing Jacksonville.


 Why do you think, Reid has refused trade offers for Kolb? Kolb is his guy long-tem, but if Reid can increase Vick’s trade value, why not play him? Reid has already treated this year as a transition year and he has the support of ownership, so one season of 7-9 wins is not going to get him fired.


Give Reid another draft, (which may include an extra Pick if he can showcase & trade Vick) and free agency, and you will see that in 2011 the Eagles will be back to their customary 11 win season.


You heard it hear first and this is coming from Raider fan!


So Now comes word that Larry Silverstein, the lawyer who drafted the postnuptial agreement between Frank & Jaime McCourt, altered the agreement in 2004 after it was signed and he did not alert Jaime about the fact the change apparently gave sole ownership to the Dodgers to Frank. This comes the day after Jaime testified that she did not read the updated agreement. How could Jaime not ask to read the agreement herself, after all she is a lawyer. It’s pretty obvious that she is clueless.

 While this trial to decide whom actually “owns” the dodgers is far from over, I believe two things can be deciphered so far.

 First, Jaime McCourt wanted to reap the rewards of being a “co-owner” with out actually knowing that she wasn’t and second, Frank McCourt wanted to reap the rewards of being an “owner” with out actually caring to be one.

 Of course the loser in all this are the Dodger fans. They are the victims in this game that goes all they way back to when The McCourts were authorized to purchase the club from Bud Selig, who did not want the Dodgers to have a successful ownership group, like the Yankees or Red Sox because it would be less competition that his ex team, The Brewers, would have.

Stay Tuned……


So this weekend produced some of the most exciting football games in a while. Granted, it was only week 2 in the NFL & week 3 in college football, but there were about 7 or 8 games this weekend that were not decided until the closing minutes of the game or in overtime.

 While the Clemson-Auburn may have been the best-played game of the weekend, the finish of the weekend occurred in the Notre Dame-Michigan State game. In case you missed it because you were lame or otherwise in-disposed of, the game went into overtime and the Golden Domers took a 3-point lead on a field goal. Needing a tie to send it into a second overtime, the Spartans lined up for a field goal attempt in excess of over 40 yards.  At the snap, the Spartans ran a fake field goal play, called “Little Giants”, which was executed to perfection and resulted in a touchdown!  Game over! One of the gutsiest calls ever made in a game. (see video link below)

 Credit to Michigan  State head coach, Mark Dantonio who actually suffered a mild heart attack after the game. (see link below)


This is what football is all about. Hey NFL, are you paying attention?


So Joe Torre is leaving the Dodgers and this is a good thing.  While he did better than his last two predecessors, he nearly wiped all that goodwill by falling a sleep at the wheel this season. He seemed to have quit around June of this year, partially because of the owners, partially because of age, but mostly because he lost his ability to connect to this group of ball players.

Now that Mattingly will be in charge, are we to expect more of the same? He was partially responsible for this bad season; after all he is the hitting coach.  Will he be able to reach to Matt Kemp? Can he help Ethier against lefties? Will be willing to play some small ball or even get kicked out of a game to rally the troops.

I just don’t think that he is right for this club based on the team’s performance with him as a coach, but I hope he proves me wrong. I would have preferred to see Wallach get the job, but maybe Donny Baseball will bring him up from AAA.  Time will tell, but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it.


It appears as if this weekend the san Diego Chargers are going to have their home game blacked out on local TV. Now, before you go screaming that the fans in San Diego are not loyal, you have to remember a few things.

  1. The economy is still struggling to recover from this recession.
  2. Unemployment in California is the 3rd highest in tha nation behind Nevada & Michigan.  Unemployment Rates, seasonally adjusted
  3. While ticket prices have not gone up for 2010, in 2009, the avg. ticket price was $81, putting then in the top $10 most expensive prices. 2010 NFL Ticket Price Guide
  4. Finally, Charger management (once again) is playing hardball with 2 of its top 5 players resulting in a hold out by both players that have irked fans to  drop their “financial” support of the team.

Now that we have that covered, the NFL has to fix the problem, because it’s their product.  I have 3 solutions that could fix the issue.

  1. If a blackout is imminent, sell the game on the NFL ticket to blacked-out audience members @19.95 a game. Okay, only DirecTV subscribers win here, but at least it’s an option.
  2. The NFL should allow up 10,000 extra tickets be released to charitable organizations. The teams can use it as a tax write-off, recruit new fans & the NFL can use these tickets to help lift the blackout.
  3. Finally, The NFL could offer an annual Mulligan to a team to use for any home game once a season in exchange for forfeiting 1/4 the revenue for ticket sales for that day.

It’s time for Roger Goodell to wake up a realize that the fans need some sort of “bailout”  just like the banks, unless he likes see empty stadiums.